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Our Story

Over the years, I’ve built many businesses, I’ve overcome the many challenges that an executive faces and I’ve learned many things along the way.
I’ve learned that leadership means setting a course, committing to it and relying on your team to carry it out.
I’ve learned that your business team will follow your direction if you’re focused, if you’re deliberate and if you’re committed to their success.
I’ve learned that each team member contributes differently, has unique motivations and distinct needs.
Most importantly, I’ve learned that investing in your people is actually an investment in you.
You see there’s power in knowledge and investing inwards is the smartest and quickest and most efficient way to gain control, to find direction, to work smarter, to be more efficient and to generate a positive return.
These insights, in combination with my experience and expertise, led to a new vision that marks a seed change in the way we conduct business and delivers a compass for forward thinking business leaders. That’s how 16 Degree Advisory was born.
16 Degree Advisory Core Values Index
John Hall, CEO

Why 16 Degree?

Sometimes, the world has us going so fast that we don’t recognize we have deviated from our True North. Whether it’s in our business or personal lives, we often believe we're heading in a specific direction when we’re actually some degrees off. At 16 Degree Advisory, we're committed to helping our clients identify their degrees of deviation and help them narrow the gap towards their True North. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, which is 16 degrees east of True North, we’re eager to be the compass, helping Individuals and businesses find their true direction.

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